Winter sports in Canada you should try

Canada is well-known as a beautiful nation with a wide range of landscapes naturally. In this nation, there are many months of cold in the winter, therefore the winter sports always attract visitors for discovery when they travel to Canada.

It’s great when there are numerous activities outside around the snow. In this article, we share top great winter sports you should try when you travel to Canada in the cold.

1/ Curling

Curling is a traditional sport since the days in Scotland, then it was introduced and popular at Canada.

This sport is considered as a classic winter sport because the local usually practice it as a daily sport in the winter. According to the Canadian Curling Association, there are about 15,000 curlers to play and register to the Curling Championship held annually.

This sport is good for lungs and muscles when it requires you to use steady hand and set of lungs smoothly during the game.

2/ Hockey

Although hockey is normally famous in the UK or USA, the Canadian love to play hockey in the winter. It has become an official national winter sport for many years.

The first hockey game was played in 1875 at Montreal then it developed at almost places in Canada.

3/ Lacrosse

Lacrosse has a long history about 500 years ago at Canada. The fact that it is a strange sport in the world, but it is extremely popular with the Canadian. After many researches, the Government decides to recognize that lacrosse is a traditional game which is close as an integral part of culture.

4/ Downhill skiing It is a form of skiing, but location is required complicatedly. You need to choose some locations from downhills. This sport has some adventurous discovery when skiing through other level of a wide range of downhill. But it’s a good option to see beautiful views from mountains along coast to coast