Winter sports in Canada you should try

The truth that winter is the main season in Canada, even some places have snow during year by year. Therefore, winter sports become popular and developed in this nation.

Instead of staying in home to avoid the cool, the Canadian prefer to go outside and join outdoor activities. It makes their health and spirit better and better.

In this article, we share some winter sports which can be unusual in the global but it’s extremely popular in Canada. If you visit this beautiful nation, you shouldn’t miss it. It makes your trip more interesting and meaningful.

5/ Skijor

Skijor is one of version of skiing. If cross-country skiing is the most common and well-loved in the global, the Canadian prefer to skijor.

About the rule, it is similar with cross-country skiing, however skijor is pulled by one or some dogs. It makes your skiing more dangerously and adventurously.

Both a skier and dogs will be strapped by tight ropes. While a skier focus on handling his skis and poles, dogs will continue tug and pull fastest. Speed of dogs is determined for skiers’ speed. Skier needs to do something to speed up dogs faster as his demand.

In some areas, horses are also used to replace dogs.

6/ Skeleton and luge

They are two form of skating. Both are one of the oldest winter sports in Canada and still loved until nowadays.

Firstly, luge means that one skater lies on his back put on a tiny sled. He will use his muscles and shoulders to steer and move speed. More energy he is, faster he can run. In luge, no brakes to slow down, therefore, he will handle leg and shoulder to adjust speed properly.

Similar with luge, but he will use head firstly instead of feet. Even skeleton has more risk when skier run 50 yards downhill before he lies on sled to race down. In general, one hour, he can run at speed 130 kilometer. It looks adventurous and not suitable for some people in faint of heart.