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SING! August 2012 here (pdf document).

SING! August 2011 here. (pdf document 1.1mb)
Gastown drive in 18 August 2008 here (pdf document 182KB)

Media coverage

FrontierSpace International Design Competition
"Surreal display is aimed at making the public aware that our alleyways are under-utilized... If heritage buildings are being preserved in the area, why not also restore the urban space to its original vibrancy?"
Nancy Lanthier, The Vancouver Sun

"One of the most encouraging testaments of an architecture competition that works."
Lisa Rochon, The Globe and Mail

"International architecture competition brings wonder to Gastown alleyways"

"If Balloon Caught's spirit is as expansive and illuminating as its physical presence, and if FRONTIERSPACE helps us reimagine the places where Vancouver was born and began to grow, then perhaps our city will have taken an important step towards adulthood."
Brian Lynch, The Georgia Straight